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Site Pacific Group has a team of experts with over 30 years of knowledge in temporary structures which will assist you with the Structural B Class process.

Our team consist of.
  • Draft person
  • Traffic Control with Direct RMS Access.
  • Engineering
  • Boiler Makers
  • Install Professionals
  • Project manager

Our B’Class Hoardings are Manufactured and Maintained at our own premises to ensure strict Quality Control is met. we can also fabricate heavy duty structural steel type hoardings for projects that may prove difficult in accommodating due to site conditions.

The Structural B Class Hoarding is able to cater as Lane way & street coverage Hoardings which is the Ultimate protection for the workers, Pedestrian and Vehicles.

The B Class Hoarding also assist with being able to hold Excessive Loads which then creates a impenetrable (10KPA) overhead protection system for Scaffold, Site Sheds & Material Storage whilst work is in progress,Maintain safe pedestrian access at all times.

We also cater for the Clients that may wish for Facade’ Retention.

Site Pacific Group will work closely with our clients to ensure the process is as smooth as possible for the Erection & Dismantle of all scaffold & Structural B Class Hoarding, A Class Hoarding or facade Retention System.

We will assist with your application and are happy to meet with our clients at any stage of this process.