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We pride ourselves on creating a safe workplace for all our workers. We are diligent that our installation, maintenance and dismantling procedures is considerate of surrounding pedestrians and takes care that safety is a top priority.

We abide by the following Australian Standards and associated WH&S organisations.

Safe work Australia .au/scaffolding collection/ scaffolds-and- scaffolding- work-guidance-material

Safe Work NSW -safe ty/safety-topics- a -z/working-at-heights /__data/assets /pdf_file/0015/52161/demolition-work -work-code-of-practice-0916.pdf

Sydney City Council – Hoarding and scaffolding.

Approvals development /building-and-construction-approvals /temporary-structures/hoardings-and-scaffolding

Policy 2017-final.pdf

Guidelines __data/assets /pdf_file/0009/279549/Guidelines-for-Hoardings-and -Scaffolding-final-2017.pdf

Preferred Graphics /development/ building -and-construction-approvals/temporary-structures /creative-hoardings

Australian Standards

AS/NZS 1576.1:2010 Scaffolding Part 1: General requirements
AS/NZS 4576:1995 Guidelines for Scaffolding
AS 4687–2007 Temporary fencing and hoardings