Modular B-Class Hoardings

Modular B-Class hoardings, sometimes referred to as gantries, are constructed with prefabricated modules that are transported to site for assembly. These hoardings can be erected over a footpath in order to protect pedestrians from any risk of items falling from the construction site above.
Extending beyond the footpath, Modular B-Class hoardings can be built to accommodate site sheds, additional storage capacity, scaffolding, swinging stages or high climbers. All decks on B-Class hoardings are designed to a minimum strength of 10 kPa (1 ton per m2)


Structural B-Class Hoardings

Structural B-Class hoardings can be designed and built to suit any site requirements. No protective overhead hoarding is too complex for our team.
Structural B-Class hoardings are custom-designed structural steel installations that can be built to suit all site conditions and requirements. These structures can be built over footpaths, to span over roadways or built within sites. The secure structure above the footpath or laneway can be used to house site sheds, store plant and equipment and accommodate scaffolding, mast climbers or swinging stages (subject to authority approval). They can be designed for any capacity with the standard being 10 KpA (1 ton per m2).
If your project involves the installation of a hoarding over a roadway, please note that roads must be closed in order to erect the hoarding structure and council approval for road closures can take up to three months depending on the approval process and Council. In our experience Councils do not make exceptions to expedite this process. Our In-house Traffic Control will assist you with this processes if desired.

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A-Class Hoardings & Boundary Fencing

A-Class hoardings or boundary fencing provide a flexible way to secure a site, while closing the works areas off from public access and view.
A-Class hoardings are a site security installation designed to segregate a works area from the general public. We provide a 2.4m high plywood fascia as standard, which exceeds the minimum height requirement for securing a site. Depending on your site requirements this height can be modified up or down.
Being made from plywood it is more challenging to climb than standard modular temporary fencing and is more difficult to tamper with. It also provides a visual boundary for works of a sensitive/confidential nature.